Workplace Diversity – Why It Matters

We are hearing more and more about workplace diversity and why companies should invest heavily in a broadly diverse work force.

But what is workplace diversity? and how could it help your business to thrive?

Firstly, what is workplace diversity? In simple terms this means having as broad ranging workforce as possible, containing people covering a wide range of characteristics such as, age, gender, race, sexual orientation, education level, religion to name but a few. The more people you have of different characteristics and backgrounds the more diverse your workforce. It’s really that simple!

The problem being, there still seems to be many companies ignoring the real potential a diverse workforce can bring to their business.

Many still see the term ‘workplace diversity’ as nothing more than a buzz term. Something thrown around to make the business sound on trend. Or nothing more than a political quota filling exercise to keep complaints from the door.

By only promoting diversity as a means to entice potential employees and B2B connections, and not correctly utilising it, companies are missing out on the competitive advantages this diversity can bring – under minding the very approach they claim to endorse.

So, how can a diverse workforce benefit a business? Here’s 5 reasons;

1) A company culture to be proud of – Managing a diverse workforce will allow you to understand the needs and demands placed on a wide-ranging cross section of society. By using this information and tailoring your approach to all your staff, you can create an inclusive and comfortable company culture. A culture that celebrates and nurture’s these needs, rather than taking a one size fits all approach, which can often alienate people and make them feel misunderstood and underappreciated.

2) Better informed decision making – A staff with varying cultural, personal and educational etc. backgrounds will enable your business to make better decisions. These varying perspectives will allow for a deeper understanding of what is needed, leading to better results.

3) Improved productivity – by utilising the experience, feelings and backgrounds of a diverse workforce within your decision-making processes and company culture, staff feel included, appreciated and valued. In turn they will be more productive and willing to commit fully to the business.

4) Increased Profits – this one is simple – a more committed, engaged and productive workforce will become a more profitable workforce!

5) Improved reputation – a company that not only claims workplace diversity but actively engages and nurtures it, will gain a strong reputation; not only as an employer but as an ethical and forward-thinking business within their industry.

There we have outlined how workplace diversity can positively affect your business.

Don’t just claim to be a diverse workplace, actively pursue workplace diversity then use those wonderfully broad ranging backgrounds, genders, cultures, races and much more to enhance your business and take it to the next level.

Keeli MacMillan