Top 10 for Tableau 10

After the exciting news of the release of Tableau 10 Beta recently, SearchBI takes a look at some of the features which separates Tableau 10 from other BI tools

Managing and analysing large volumes of data can have numerous benefits for businesses operating across a variety of verticals. Data analysis can improve logistics, save money and even monitor employees working activity, so BI tools which can offer a fast service is imperitive for all businesses. Tableau 10 Beta is looking to revolutionise the Business Intelligence market, offering numerous features for faster and smarter data analysis.

Some of the new features which businesses can benefit from include:

  • Tableau Mobile
  • Cross Database Filters
  • Web Authoring
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Data-Source Analytics

Along with many more!

To view more of Tableau 10 Beta’s fantastic features, along with information regarding what Tableau 10 Beta can offer for you, please follow the link below…