Tableau Expands Support For Hadoop Technologies With New Partners

Tableau Software, a global leader in rapid-fire, easy-to-use business intelligence software, today announced new direct connection capabilities with IBM’s InfoSphere BigInsights. 

In addition, Tableau also announced that it has beta released a direct connector for both Amazon Elastic MapReduce from Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as Spark SQL and that it has qualified for Databricks “Certified on Spark” program. These developments, combined with Tableau’s recent release of a direct connection to MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database platform, continue to strengthen Tableau’s leadership in the big data landscape.

“Tableau is helping to drive the rapidly innovating Hadoop landscape,” said Dan Jewett, Vice President of Product Management for Tableau Software. “Our integrations with technology partners in the Hadoop and NoSQL space as well as our efforts to support the Apache open source community all stem from our mission to put the rich visual analytics capabilities of Tableau into the hands of everyone, even those with billions of rows of data.”

New Technology Partnerships Reaffirm Commitment to Customer Choice

Tableau Software’s work to build direct connectors to Amazon Elastic MapReduce and IBM’s InfoSphere BigInsights add to its previous integrations with MapR, Cloudera, Hortonworks ®, and Pivotal as it seeks to provide a wide array of options for customers to unlock the power of their Hadoop deployments:

Tableau has released a beta version of a Spark SQL connector, which allows queries to run in-memory on Hadoop clusters up to 100x faster than Hadoop MapReduce.
Tableau released a beta of a connector for Amazon Elastic MapReduce service. Users will be able work directly with their AWS hosted and managed Hadoop environments.
Tableau now connects to IBM’s InfoSphere BigInsights through the BigSQL technology, giving users the power to do drag-and-drop analytics on IBM’s flagship Hadoop offering.
In addition, Tableau’s direct connector to MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database platform helps those organizations that have chosen to augment their Hadoop deployments with MarkLogic® by providing a direct path to the highly indexed un-structured data.

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