New Year New You or New You Now?

New year new you? Or new you now?

Everyone is always looking for the perfect time to start looking for that next exciting and challenging role, and what more perfect time than the New Year? ‘new year, new me’ right? Wrong! Don’t fall into the trap that so many others do, and wait to start looking for that job in the new year. This year be a little bit wiser and get ahead of the competition. While everyone else waits, put yourself in a much stronger position by doing that job search now!

There are numerous fantastic jobs on the market right now, that recruiters are just bursting to tell you about!

Clients could be looking for someone ASAP and faced with a candidate drought are often willing to offer lucrative deals to that rare and sought-after December applicant. Remember, many companies have a budget that needs to be spent before the end of the financial year – you could be the lucky recipient of that left-over pot of cash, with little negotiation needed on your part.

It is also a great time of year to secure time off for an interview, everyone knows we all need days off for ‘last minute Christmas shopping’ or for the ‘unexpected and unavoidable visit from Great Aunty, Eda’. Use the opportunities December has to offer and make them work for you.

We often find that clients are much more flexible when it comes to days and times for interview this time of year, as they are winding down themselves, so have lighter diaries.

So, don’t wait for the new year to start looking, leave that to everyone else. Then, when the inevitable January rush happens, you will already be sitting pretty in that perfect role.

Keeli MacMillan