Raspberry Pi’s with SearchBI

SearchBI has partnered with local tech hub, Campus North,and on Tuesday 3rd of November we will be holding a Raspberry Pi hack at Campus North, open to the whole of the North East community. Tickets are limited so make sure you don’t miss out!

Tuesday 3rd November at 6PM

Campus North, Sunco House, 5 Carliol Square, NE1 6UF

As part of Campus North’s Evolution of Technology Season we decided to showcase the capabilities of modern technology through the use of Raspberry Pi’s.

We will be hosting the event along with Campus North. Phil Jeffes, North East Software Developer, has kindly agreed to run the evening using his expertise!

Join us for an evening of Python programming! We will be using the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins along with electronic sensors to make a Distance Sensing Kit! The final result will be a sensor, which as you move your hand closer, will light up a series of LEDs. The closer you get, the more lights will shine!

The event is perfect for those with some previous python exposure, or for those who are proficient in another language! You’ll be working in pairs, so make sure to bring a laptop with you!

Make sure to bring along your laptop, we’ll be providing the pi’s, electronics and beers!

To book your free tickets to this event click here

Any questions? Contact
Campus North:
Lynsey – [email protected]
Mark – [email protected] or Richard: [email protected]