Online Education Leader Selects Qlik for Better Decision Making

3P Learning uses business intelligence to speed up ROI and reduce reporting time by weeks

Qlik® (NASDAQ: QLIK), a leader in data discovery, today announced that 3P Learning, a global leader in online education, is using QlikView® for guided analytics to make better business decisions and significantly shorten reporting time from weeks to days.

3P Learning offers online education to more than four million students across 17,000 schools worldwide, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and South Africa. Developed in alignment with international curriculums, 3P Learning provides resources for schools and home users in mathematics, literacy, spelling, science and reading.

With such a huge customer base, 3P Learning generates a significant amount of data both internally and externally from customers. Prior to Qlik, it struggled to manage and use this information in an insightful way as its existing reporting tools were laborious, time intensive and required a dedicated development team to generate. Therefore, 3P Learning wanted an interactive solution that was quick and user friendly so anyone throughout the organisation could use it easily.

“We are powerful believers in the power of data-driven teaching and learning. That is the true power of 21st century education,” said Tim Power, Managing Director of 3P Learning. “Our resources generate huge volumes of data about each one of our students, from their results right through to their identifiable learning gaps. That’s four million individuals and fingerprints that are used to produce four million individual and personal learning journeys in classrooms right across the world. Crunching this data, and providing it to our teachers, provides them with an unmatched advantage in their teaching.”

The selection of QlikView as the enterprise BI platform of choice by 3P Learning was facilitated by Professional Advantage, an authoried Qlik reseller and a leading business solutions provider with offices across Australia. The role of Professional Advantage included product demonstrations and workshops with question-and-answer sessions for those at 3P Learning who were evaluating the platform. 3P Learning finally selected QlikView not only for its user-friendly interface and functionality, but also because it offers the quickest return on investment (ROI) in terms of empowering staff to quickly realise the benefits of the solution as soon as it was implemented.

“Reports play a key role in providing senior managers with the information needed for strategic decision making. It is used across the organisation to support everything from our CRM and ERP systems – including accounting and finance – to derive insights around customer behavior,” said Chris Olver, Technical Business Analyst at 3P Learning. “It goes without saying that it plays an integral role throughout the entire company, so it was imperative we invest in a solution that was industry leading and has a proven track record.”

3P Learning has enjoyed a number of significant benefits since deploying QlikView twelve months ago. Namely, it has removed a lot of the manual processes traditionally required to develop reports. The user-friendly interface also enables anyone in the organisation to create reports instead of relying on the development team, which was previously the case.

“We recently used QlikView to support an event we facilitated and the benefits were outstanding. Instead of having dedicated support from a developer to work on a report for two weeks, it only took someone two days to complete,” said Olver. “Having access to some of the key outcomes of that event in such a short period of time really enabled us to measure the ROI and execute against any follow-up actions more quickly than usual.”

Beyond reporting, QlikView has also provided 3P Learning with greater insights into its customers and areas within the business that need to be improved. The organisation is now able to dissect data by different school types to see who needs more support and allocate appropriate resources. They are also able to see which solutions are most engaging and update the products accordingly.

“Data has the power to be transformative, but only if it is used effectively,” said Sharryn Millican, Vice President and Regional Director, ANZ, Qlik. “By leveraging their data via QlikView and empowering employees with guided analytics applications, 3P Learning can uncover true value from previously hidden insights to make discoveries and drive critical decisions that move their business forward.”