New Year New You or New You Now?

New year new you? Or new you now?

Everyone is always looking for the perfect time to start looking for that next exciting and challenging role, and what more perfect time than the New Year? ‘new year, new me’ right? Wrong! Don’t fall into the trap that so many others do, and wait to start looking for that job in the new year. This year be a little bit wiser and get ahead of the competition. While everyone else waits, put yourself in a much stronger position by doing that job search now!

There are numerous fantastic jobs on the market right now, that recruiters are just bursting to tell you about! Continue reading “New Year New You or New You Now?” »

SearchBI Blog – Improving Business by Improving Work/Life Balance

The Mental Health Foundation UK claims, ‘The pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture in the UK is perhaps the biggest and most pressing challenge to the mental health of the general population.’ This is indeed a sobering statement to read.

You would think in today’s technology driven world that we would be more likely to achieve this, many people no longer need to be confined to offices in order to carry out their roles. Working from home and on the move are common place in today’s society. Need a coffee? Grab your laptop and set up in a coffee shop. Need to pick up the kids from school? Grab your smart phone everything is right there. Continue reading “SearchBI Blog – Improving Business by Improving Work/Life Balance” »

SearchBI Blog – Our Journey, so far…

Our Journey, so far…

SearchBI was established in 2014 and has two distinct market specialisms; Business Intelligence and Data & Analytics. Supplying professionals such as BI Developers, BI Consultants, Data Scientists and Data Engineers to specialist markets throughout the UK. Recruiting for professionals skilled in QlikView and PowerBI, data visualisation technologies, as well as those experienced in analytical tools such as Python, and cloud solutions like AWS and Azure.

Our success over the last 4+ years, led by our directors Richard Deas and Mark Harbottle, has been impressive. We are driven and focused on finding and placing talented and qualified people within regional and national businesses. These placements include core roles within companies such as Solutions Provider and Elite QlikView Partner, Perfect Image, financial powerhouse Deloitte and household names Amazon, MoneySuperMarket and many more.  Continue reading “SearchBI Blog – Our Journey, so far…” »

Blog – How to get hired!

 How to get hired

At SearchBI we are dedicated to helping you secure that perfect role. Whatever your motivation may be; salary increase, career progression or simply a change of direction we want to get you there.

So, you’ve taken the plunge and applied for the role. You have the perfect CV, the right experience and that’s got you so far, but it’s how you perform on that all-important interview day that will determine the outcome.  Continue reading “Blog – How to get hired!” »